How to no longer be afraid of having a relationship

Have you ever found yourself in a happy relationship and suddenly find the need to back out of it? Or have you ever met someone that you were really into but you never went to the next step with them? These are only a few scenarios of those with relationship anxiety. This is a real thing that stops people from developing a meaningful relationship with another person. However, like all forms of anxiety, there are ways that you can overcome this. There are things that you can do to get rid of the fear and enjoy relationships, again.


Stop dwelling on the negative

It is easier to find faults and possible bad outcomes in all situations. This is one of the main reasons why people with relationship anxiety tend to back out of making things more serious with your partner. Things that are too good to be true aren’t all hiding a hidden agenda to hurt you down the road. When you find yourself in this stumbling block in your relationship, try and stop yourself from stewing on the negative things that run through your mind. Instead, focus on the positives in what you have. The more you do so, the less you will feel like everything will end in heartache. You got to give people a chance, such as those that you can meet at online dating apps like

Let go of your past

Most of the time, people with relationship anxiety have been burned more than once by past partners. The hurt that you have felt can take a toll on the relationships that you build in the future. However, it is important to realize this and that not all people are like the ones that hurt you before. Don’t think about the things that had happened and look at the things that could happen. If you try and look at your present relationship as a wholly new and separate thing from your relationships in the past, the possibilities of things working out are much more positive in retrospect.

Take the leap and go for it

Being afraid of having a relationship is based on fear. The fear of being hurt, abandoned, cheated on, or any other negative thoughts that may make you hesitant to just go for it and be open to the possibility of happiness. However, the saying “you’ll never know until you try” applies to this situation. Yes, taking the leap and taking your relationship to the next level can leave you huddled on your bed heartbroken, but it can also end up with you growing old and happy with your partner surrounded by a bunch of grandbabies.

Taking small steps

When a person is introverted, a match will rarely happen with another introvert. If an introvert is using online dating apps to find someone, to make a decision to say yes to someone to exchange contact numbers is a difficult step. The same applies to a person who is afraid to have a relationship. Taking small steps to find a new one isn’t easy, however, keep in mind that to address the unwanted situation of loneliness, there has to be action taken.